MAS Orchestra is comprised of Miami-Dade County Public Schools string instrument (violin, viola, cello and bass) students in grades 6-12 who attend Miami Arts Studio 6-12 @ Zelda Glazer, an A-rated, 2020 National Blue Ribbon School, in Southwest Miami-Dade County. MAS Orchestra has close to 200 students and two directors across six levels of orchestra and instrumental techniques classes ranging from beginner to advanced. MAS Orchestra participates in many district, state, and national festivals and competitions as well as hosts many performances and field trips throughout the school year. MAS Orchestra is committed to bringing music and music-making experiences to our students and community in an effort share our love of music and to bring our community closer together.

Meet the Orchestra Conductors

Picture of Vivian Gonzalez

Vivian Gonzalez
Picture of Danny Yucra

Daniel Yucra

Orchestra Audition Criteria

GRADES 6-8 (*Strings)

Performance of a prepared selection on an instrument from Essential Elements, Suzuki, or other work

Performance of a one or two octave major scale on an instrument

Sight reading

Aural pitch matching

Brief interview

Please bring a photograph to the audition, not to exceed 5”X7”. Print your name on the back of the photo along with the program you are auditioning for.

· Please note that the instruments in orchestra magnet are violin, viola, cello and string bass. Students who audition on another instrument (piano, recorder, guitar, etc.) will have to choose violin, viola, cello or string bass if they are accepted to the program, and parents must purchase the instrument outfit and additional materials before the first day of school.   

GRADES 9-10 (*Strings)

Perform two contrasting classical solo pieces of music (no etudes). The selections should be Grade Two or higher from the Florida Orchestra Association list or Suzuki Book Two or higher. Bring two copies of your selections to the audition.

Perform two scales


Demonstrate acceptable proficiency on a music theory examination

Brief Interview

Please bring a photograph to the audition, not to exceed 5”X7”. Print your name on the back of the photo along with the program you are auditioning for.

· Please note that students auditioning to high school orchestra magnet must audition on violin, viola, cello or string bass. Students who are accepted to the orchestra magnet program need to own a personal instrument. If a student does not own their instrument, parents must purchase the instrument outfit and additional materials before the first day of school.  

MAS Orchestra Awards and Accolades

Teacher Awards and Honors:

Country Music Association Foundation 2022 Music Teacher of Excellence - Vivian Gonzalez
Florida Music Education Assocation 2023 Secondary Teacher of the Year - Vivian Gonzalez
National Federation of High Schools 2023 Region 3 Music Teacher of the Year - Vivian Gonzalez
Conductor for Hillsborough County Public Schools Middle School Honors Orchestra - Vivian Gonzalez
Conductor for Palm Beach County Honors Orchestra - Vivian Gonzalez

Student Awards and Honors:

Carnegie Hall Debut Performance - March 2023

District Concert Music Performance Assessments:
Level 2 Orchestra - Straight Superiors
Level 3 Orchestra - Straight Superiors
Level 4 Orchestra - Straight Superiors
Level 5 Orchestra - Superior Overall
Level 6 Orchestra - Straight Superiors

District Solo and Ensembles Ratings:
Solo Ratings:
23 - Superior with Distinction
104 - Superior
25 - Excellent

Ensemble Ratings:
23 - Superior
9 - Excellent

Miami Dade County Public Schools Superintendent's Honors Orchestra Event:
Middle School Participants - 31
High School Participants - 29

Florida Orchestra Association All-State:
11/12 Orchestra: 3 Participants
9/10 Orchestra: 1 Participants
7/8 Orchestra: 3 Participants

2023 YOLA National Festival:
3 Symphony Orchestra Participants
4 Chamber Orchestra Participants (Middle School)

2023 Carnegie Hall's NYO:
1 Participant

2023 Carnegie Hall's NYO2:
1 Participant

Meadowmount School of Music:
1 Participant

FAU Honors Side by Side:
33 Participants

College and University Music Acceptances:
Oklahoma City University - Violin Performance
Stetson University - Violin Performance
University of North Florida - Music Education
University of South Florida - Music Education
Florida International University - Violin Performance, Viola Performance, and Music Education
University of Miami - Viola Performance

2022 Carnegie Halls' NYO2:
1 Participant

2022 YOLA National Festival:
4 Participants

Sphinx Performance Academy at Curtis Institue of Music:
1 Participant

2022 District 16 Solo and Ensembles:
24 Superior with Distinction
106 Superior
52 Excellent

2022 District 16 Music Performance Assessments:
Level 1 - Straight Superiors
Level 2 - Straight Superiors
Level 3 - Excellent
Level 4 - Excellent
Level 5 - Superior
Level 6 - Straight Superiors

2022 State Music Performance Assessments:
Level 5 - Excellent
Level 6 - Straight Superiors

MDCPS Superintendent Honors Orchestra Participants:
12 High School Participants
22 Middle School Participants

New World Symphony Side by Side:
3 Participants

FAU Honors Side by Side:
24 participants

Summer Camp Acceptances:
Luzerne Music Festival
Sewannee Music Festival

College/University Music Performance Acceptances:
Isaac Rodriguez - Classical Voice and Violin - FIU
Vincent Vega - Cello - FIU  

NYO2 Participant

YOLA National Symposium Participants

Heritage Festival: Virtual
* Adjudicator Award - Level 5 and 6 Combined Orchestra
*Gold Award - Level 6 Orchestra
*Gold Award - Level 5 Orchestra
*Gold Award - Level 5 and 6 Combined Orchestra
*Gold Award - Level 1 Orchestra

​Florida Orchestra Association
*All-State Participants
*District Solo and Ensembles

MDCPS Virtual Honors Orchestra Participant


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