José Milton Foundation Recording Studio

The José Milton Foundation

The José Milton Foundation Recording Studio honors the legacy of José Milton and his entrepreneurial spirit. Known for his generosity and determination, Mr. Milton is recognized as one of Miami-Dade County’s most prolific builders.

A Cuban immigrant of Lebanese heritage, Mr. Milton arrived in Miami with a dream and a keen mind for business, espousing the virtues of education, family, community, and a commitment to freedom. With South Florida as his new home, he dedicated himself to becoming a successful entrepreneur and inspiring leader.

As one of his last contributions to his beloved city, Mr. Milton established the José Milton Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to supporting programs and organizations in South Florida and focuses on improving quality of life standards for its residents, with a special emphasis on education, research, and access to excellent healthcare.

The José Milton Foundation Recording Studio at MAS 6-12 @ Zelda Glazer is a gift for students in Miami-Dade County who seek to embark on a ful illing musical journey that will ultimately lead to a satisfying career.


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