The MAS Technical Production strand will introduce students to exciting career preparation in Digital Design including Graphic Design and Illustration, Product Branding, 3D Design, Web Design, Programming and Live Performance Asset Design, using state-of-the-art software and equipment. Students in the MAS Digital Technical Production will have the opportunity to learn industry leading software (Adobe Creative Suite & Office 365) and digital design techniques and applications that are used in the industry. Students will create a vast array of content through project-based learning and online portfolio building, while beginning their trek towards industry certifications. All students entering the program in 6th grade will remain in the program for a 7-year progression.

Meet the Technical Production Magnet Teachers

Christian Provenzo

Christian Provenzo

Middle/High School
Befy Cibeira

Befy Cibeira

Middle School
Ralph Proenza

Ralph Proenza

Middle/High School 

Deliala Garcia

Delaila Garcia

High School

Technical Production Audition Criteria

*Audition is now required for the Tech Production Magnet. Please see the audition criteria below.

4-6 hand drawn art pieces demonstrating artistic ability submitted in a portfolio.

4-6 digital art pieces printed out demonstrating artistic ability submitted in a portfolio .

A combination of hand drawn and digital pieces will be accepted.

A personal interview to help determine the student's level of interest, discipline and suitability for the program.

Please bring a photograph to the audition, not to exceed 5" x 7" and name printed on the back of the photo with your choice of magnet strand. 


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MAS Tech Production Awards

Code-Art Code Your Self Portrait
8th grader-Leah Clavijo- 1st Place
8th grader-Audrey Valladares- Top 10
Recognized as one of the Top Schools for most entries

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Middle School Level
ML Leadership- 1st Place- Paola Puentes
ML Financial Literacy- 1st Place- Max Bergolla
ML Career Research- 1st Place- Emma Alonso-Mestas
ML Career Research- 2nd Place- Mila Merille
ML Business Etiquette- 4th Place- Cathryn Sardina
ML Multimedia and Website Design- 1st Place- Sebastian Serrano and Michael Martinez
ML Multimedia and Website Design- 2nd Place- Annette Quiles, Emily Pelaez, Antonella Loguzzo
ML Multimedia and Website Design- 4th Place- Sophia Ginory and Olivia Ginory
ML Video Game Challenge- 1st Place- Jaime Cuba and Lucas Fernandez
ML Video Game Challenge- 2nd Place- Kevin Lopez and Alexander Felipe
ML Video Game Challenge- 3rd Place- Nicolas Murias, Lucas Castro and Isabella Bravo


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