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The directors and staff are committed to developing a well rounded, expressive student that not only is a fine performer but also demonstrates a heightened sense of personal/social skills which include, but are not limited to: team work, promptness, responsibility, conduct, and effort. Also important is the desire to emphasize artistic expression through music as a top priority. Band students will be able to demonstrate proficiency on a wind or percussion instrument through performance and practice. They will demonstrate music literacy in relation to reading music, as well as expressive and stylistic nuance associated with a piece of music. Furthermore, the student will demonstrate characteristics associated with good musicianship including, but not limited to; tone, posture, rhythmic accuracy, instrument care and maintenance, and social and conduct skills associated with performing ensembles. There are 4 levels of concert bands in the band magnet at Miami Arts Studio and 3 levels of jazz bands offered at MAS.

Meet the Broadcasting Teachers


Rebecca de Armas

Alejandro Gonzalez


A treatment (a narrative written essay) of an original movie or short film idea that the student has thought up and is passionate about making.

A YouTube link (marked as “public” or “unlisted”) of a compilation of different videos the student has created either in class or on their own time. It can include, but is not limited to news story/package, short films, commercials, public service announcements, documentaries, etc. Students may be featured on-screen in the video. The maximum time on the compilation is three minutes. Any video longer than that will not be permissible. As proof of authenticity, each video must include its own credits, not who was involved in the production of each video. Student will need to be prepared to pull up the YouTube link during the interview (students can either email the YouTube link to themselves or have their YouTube credentials on hand, so they can log in and pull up the video during auditions).

A personal interview to help determine the student's level of discipline, interest, and suitability for the program.

Please bring a photograph to the audition, not to exceed 5”X7” and print your name on the back of the photo with your choice of magnet strand. 

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