The Visual Arts program at MAS offers students the opportunity to receive intensive instruction using a range of styles in two and three dimensional media. The study of art appreciation and art history will afford students a broader understanding of our world, its cultures, and the role of the professional artist in contemporary life. In a studio environment specifically designed for their needs, art students will have access to professional, up-to-date equipment, adjoining outdoors terrace designed for ceramics, sculpture and large installations, as well as surrounding gardens and open spaces for nature observation.

Students in the Visual Arts program will participate in a variety of exhibits and competitions throughout the school year, as well as educational field trips and master classes by visiting artists. 

Art / Audition Criteria



All work must be submitted in a portfolio. Full name, school, and grade should be printed on the cover of
the portfolio.

Submission of Two-Dimensional Artwork: Applicants must submit eight (8) examples of their best artwork using different art media. All work must be flat. Rolled or framed drawings will not be accepted.

Submission of Sketchbook: Applicants should submit a sketchbook reflecting the range of their artistic explorations.

A performance test will be administered. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate imagination, creativity, and drawing skills.

A personal interview to help determine the student’s level of interest, discipline, and suitability for the program.

Please bring a photograph to the audition, not to exceed 5”X7” and print your name on the back of the photo with your choice of magnet strand.

Brian Reedy, Visual Arts Magnet Teacher 




15015 SW 24 Street
Miami, Florida 33185

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