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Available October 1, 2019

Magnet Fair Open House Dates:

11/12/19 @ 6:30 PM / Middle  School
11/13/19 @ 6:30 PM / High School

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This section is dedicated to everything MAS. All highlights and artcles written about students will be posted to recognise all of the positive influence these students have on the school. Stay tuned. 


Student Internships

Actors' Playhouse Launches New Internship Program In Partnership With Miami Arts Studio


Award Winners

Silver Knight Award Recognition Article - Miami Herald

News and Student Highlights

Apple Launches the IPhone 11

The new iPhone 11 Pro features three camera sensors that allow you to take better images while zoomed in, at night, and with a wider angle.

New chip technology powers better machine learning applications in the phone, resulting in crazy new video capabilities and more crisp and dramatic photos.

PAC Dedication
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Silver Knight Awards

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Establishing The Right Connections

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Miami Arts Studio is a brand new mega magnet program in Miami-Dade County. The incoming 6 and 9th grade students come from all over Miami-Dade County with the vision of becoming leaders in their hopeful magnet strand. For the first year we had over 1,000 applicants for 300+ seats during the 2015-2016 recruitment period. The audition process is a talent-based process, with the exception of a few strands that are interview and portfolio driven. Learn more...

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