Tools for Success

There are always creative ways to learn.

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  • Mandatory - Do not get caught up in the drama.
  • Mandatory - A bright smile even when you are down. Life will get better. Your future is bright. 
  • Mandatory - Be a leader in your field.
  • Google Drive Account - Teacher provided.
  • Email - Teacher provided for login purposes.
  • Adobe Creative Suite - Monthly subscription. (Student provided)
  • Internet Access
  • USB - 64GB to save and backup your work. Sometime the network is down.
  • Earbuds - We are going into sound editing this year.
  • Notebook - Notes are given out and they are your responsibly.
  • Erasers, Pens, Pencils, Ruler, and Paper  - Bring it daily. We draw, build, sketch, and revise.
  • Sketchbook - Minimum 8.5 x 11 (It can be larger) - This is now mandatory to submit the sketch before the role and build is assigned.
  • Disinfecting Wipes or Antibacterial Wipes/Dispenser - These are used daily to stop bacteria and virus transmission on the shared surfaces.
  • * Optional - Laptop computer.
  • * Optional - Drawing tablet. ( I really would like to see every student with their own. I will post a few links below of good examples to purchase.)