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Michael Medina

aspiring engineer.


about me.

My name is Michael Medina Jr. I am 15 years old and currently in the 10th grade attending Miami Arts Studio 6-12. In the future I wish to become a civil engineer. The course I am in teaches me about graphic design, which I can use to apply to my future career. I have been certified in Adobe Photoshop and I am skilled in Illustrator and Premiere.


As my skills develop over the course of my high school life, I plan on certifying myself in many programs to showcase my skills.


I plan on showcasing my accomplishments and skills aquired as I plan on entering prestigious schools in the near future.


Building my portfolio will be essential so that when I take my first step out of college, I have the tools and skills necessary to succed in the real world.



A music video recreation using the song Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean. No copyright intended, used for educational purposes.


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