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Michael Medina

15 year old graphic design artist.


about me.

My name is Michael Medina Jr. I am 15 years old and currently in the 10th grade attending Miami Arts Studio 6-12. In the future I wish to become a civil engineer. The course I am in teaches me about graphic design, which I can use to apply to my future career. I have been certified in Adobe Photoshop and I am skilled in Illustrator and Premiere.

My Future. In the future I plan on entering the field of civil engineering. Civil engineering deals with the design and planning of our roads, buildings, and cities. I've always understood the roads, and when I look at construction in progress, my mind has the ability to fit everything together and see how the finished product would look. Having the ability to map out these roads, and be the one in charge of the entire build fascinates me and calls my attention. The skills I am currently learning will be applied and used on a daily basis in this major. 



A music video recreation using the song Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean. No copyright intended, used for educational purposes.


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