Liquid Cooled R5 1600

GTX 1060

8GB 2400hz Ram

Miami Dade county sponsored competition for a new logo entry

This peace was how i learned brush usage in Adobe Photoshop by recreating The Starry Night

An early project of mine using Adobe Illustrator this project helped me master the pen tool

I3 6100

GTX 1030

16GB 2400hz Ram

A postcard i made using Adobe Photoshop

An 8k composite I made using multiple illustrator art boards and then merging them all

I7 6700K

GTX 1060

16GB 3200hz Ram

CTEC innovate competition myself along with a a partner won 2nd place sponsored by Miami Dade College


I want to master different software suites such as the creative cloud and develop computer systems for personal and office use. Ive already started to build computers as freelance work and have worked on a home server for security. I plan on expanding that further and working in information technology fixing and assisting clients with their needs. My interest in computers began in 6th grade when i started building my first PC when I found a bunch of parts lying around. After a bunch of research I was able to tape together a semi powered on machine and I've progressed more and more every year improving my skills. create with these utilities.





 Justin Gonzalez

As a future hardware engineer I'm working now to be prepared for my studies and future career. I've been building personal computers and servers for 8 years.

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