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 Justin Gonzalez

Computer Engineer

I learned early in middle school how important computers were in people's everyday lives. My mother worked from home on one and a teacher couldn't even start the day without logging onto one. Yet ironically so computers were not easy for them to use I had been raised playing video games on them but for my teachers and parents it was a bit of a learning curve. I became the house tech and for some classes too if the computers audio decided that it didn't feel like working and through all my YouTube searching on how to fix this issue or that issue I unknowingly entered a community of techs I discovered that people build their own PC'S to meet their needs and I wanted to be formally apart of it. By the end of 7th grade i had built my  first computer with my parents help and I was excited to start helping friends and family by building them their own and I did so. From middle school to my senior year I've built a dozen and a half computers. It didn't always come easy but it was a learning experience I really enjoyed and the end product was something I made sure I was proud of in addition to hardware through school I've also become certified in many graphic art's programs and through all these years of formal and informal education I decided to move onto study Computer Engineering at FIU. If all goes as planned I want to an engineer designing machines for companies like NASA, SpaceX, Tesla, and Boeing.

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