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Assigned Positions

The following students are in charge of the outlined position on a permanent level unless otherwise noted. All positions have an alternate in case of an abscence or position change. Some positions require a small group of similiarly skilled students to accomplish the job role and respinsibility.

Class of 2018 DVD
Ronaldo SuarezCover GraphicsAnnual
Sabrina Arce"Annual
Delaila Garcia"Annual
Isabella NaranjaDigital Images and Lightroom RetouchingAnnual
Kevin Amezaga"Annual
Peter Ascencio"Annual
Ethan Sanjuro / Gabriel CastaneiraVideo Composting and Post ProductionAnnual
Pedro Rodriguez / John Allende"Annual
Yaismil Rolo"Annual
Osleidy Horta / John AllendeHistorianAnnual
Yaismil RoloSenior PrideAnnual
John AllendeStudent Film Snapshots and EditingAnnual
Ronaldo Suarez"Annual
Whole ClassSenior / Grant ScholarshipsAnnual
Alexandra Rivero / Giuliana RamirezChorus GalleryAnnual
Yoniel Rolo / Sophia DelastraviesasTech. Production GalleryAnnual
Sophia Delastraviesas / Kevin LimaTheatre Tech. GalleryAnnual
Giuliana Ramirez / Alexa Acosta / Alexanda RiveroEnt. Law GalleryAnnual
Jonathon Corrales / Delaila GarciaBroadcasting GalleryAnnual
Justin Gonzalez / Reinaldo PedrazaOrchestra GalleryAnnual
Elizabeth Vega / Ethan SanjuroBand GalleryAnnual
Roger Hasbani / Kevin AmezagaTheatre GalleryAnnual
Nayla Ugardes / Breanna HenryDance GalleryAnnual
Website Pop-up Ads for PerformancesAnnual
Alyana Sherman / Reinaldo PedrazaShow Advertisements for the WebsiteAnnual
Ronalso Suarez"Annual
Jose Del Rio"Annual
Peter Asencio"Annual
Projection for PerformancesAnnual
Alejandro Raudales / Kevin Amezaga"Annual
Ethan Sanjuro"Annual
Giuliana Ramirez"Annual
Behind the Curtain Help"Annual
Alejandro Raudales / Pedro Rodriguez"Annual
John Allende / Ronaldo SuarezAnnual
Kevin Lima"Annual
Playbill Development and Media Builds "Annual
Alyana Sherman / Alexa Acosta"Annual
Julian Guas / Delaila Garcia"Annual
Giuliana Ramirez"Annual
Poster Advertisements Development for Show PerformancesAnnual
Alexa  Acosta / Nayla Ugardes"Annual
Reinaldo Pedraza / Delaila Garcia"Annual
Jonathon Corrales"Annual
Justin GonzalezAnnual
Equipment and Media Setup and Removal"Annual
Jonathon Corrales Justin Gonzalez"Annual
Kevin Amezaga"Annual