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Senior Projects

The purpose of this year is to not take it easy, but to prepare to become a young adult with focused knowledge, skills, and a personality that stands out from the rest. You have one moment to impress and people take note of hard work and achievements. Make it count.

  • Continued - Updated student online portfolio with completed accurate resume sections that includes classes taken in high school. Transcripts, and synopsis of future college/university career planning. (Mobirise 4 Revision) - No more mismatched themes
  • This starts immediately - A minimum of 5 scholarship, grants, and or financial awards applied for with proof posted as a .pdf. Responses will be needed from the agency in order to gain credit for this component. (12 Graders) A student rationale for each application must accompany the proof of submission. The goal here is to get everyone to their school of choice with part or full tuition paid for. 
  • Due by the end of the first 9 weeks (All Levels in HS) - Develop a mentor studies program that will enable upper classman (seniors) to model and teach to tech. and non-tech students techniques that have been learned and applied through the previous 5 years. This must include the following sections; Title, Implementation Cycle, Scheduling of Time (How is this accomplished?), Program overview with subjects to be mentored and taught ., and How do you rate if this program is effective? (Thoroughly explain…)
  • Ongoing - Collaboration project with all Magnet Strands
  • Ongoing - Students will develop the “Golden Age of Hollywood” performance alongside 2 other strands. (Student choice of collaborative strands)
  • Ongoing - From the digital video background choreography to the media package components, each student will be required to design an entire separate show with each magnet strands participation and responsibilities outlined and explained. All strands are participating in this event. All schematics related to dates and times must be noted in this event outline. (More to come)
  • And the list goes on......................................................................