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Intro. - Classwork and Homework Assignments

Please review the schedule of programming in order to complete our assignments on time.

Classwork and Projects 
1. Students will complete the 18 storyboard components with a partner for proofing and sign-off on Tuesday.
2. Students will need to color all chosen storyboard items to complete the blackboard display. All titles and briefs will need to be built in class.
3. Adobe Premiere effect notes and extended tool usage will begin this week. Students need to update Mobirise website for first proof and upload.
4. Interface notes and Quiz 1 will take place on Thursday. Please review your interface notes and online content if needed. This will be a basic 20 item test on parts of the interface. (Time dependent)
5. Filming will begin once storyboard is complete and signed off. All film clips will be due after break. Editing will begin on the Monday in which we return to school.


1. Continue Mobirise web portfolio.
2. Complete logo and youtube background image by the end of the week.
3. Study for Quiz 1.