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Intro. - Classwork and Homework Assignments

Please review the schedule of programming in order to complete our assignments on time.

Classwork and Projects 
1. Students will finalize the facial lines and coloring for Tuesday.
2. Students will now begin a harder line definition pace that will be given to them.  The image will be of an animal in motion. More to come on Tuesday.
3. From this point onward, the focus will be on developing direction with detail. From building to perspective, the next few drawings will be about proportions and spacing. The Performaing Arts Center redraw will begin by the end of the week. This will be used in a video in the near future.
4. Illustrator samples of vector art will be given in class and graded.


1. Mobirise website needs to be reviewed and updated by Monday 12/16
2. All drawings of the self portrait, animal example, and the PAC need to be placed in the Illustrator segment of their website.