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Intro. - Classwork and Homework Assignments

Please review the schedule of programming in order to complete our assignments on time.

Classwork and Projects 

1. Project 3 Typography design continues and finalizes on Wednesday.
2. Student portfolio will need to be started through the Mobirise interface. More to come on Wednesday.
3. Gmetrix starts this week as well and will continue over the weekend.(More explained on Wednesday)
4. Project 4 on Zombie Halloween special effects will begin on Friday. This will incorporate brushes, lining, pixel movements, coloring, pallete contouring and swatch building. More will explained in class.


1. Finish project 3.
2. Gmetrix Photoshop trainings will continue.
3. Mobirise begins and continues at home. On-going portfolio building.

Typography Photoshop Image