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9th Grade Classwork and Homework Assignments

Please review the schedule of programming in order to complete our assignments on time.

Classwork and Projects 
1. After Effects interface and Lesson04 begins from online Classroom in a Book begins. Part 1 through page 87-106
2. Students will begin Magnet opening strands titles to precede any show graphic before the presentation begins. These need to be done in After Effects at a max length of 5s.

Each title must include: (Please adjust opening from black, speed of sequence, width of title, and subtitle, along with placeholder for show graphic)
Miami Arts Studio - Proudly Presents - Placeholder for Graphic

Before you design the layout, please customize each strands layout for the purpose of being individual. No two are alike.

* Also please include, "The taking of photographs of any kind and the use of recording devices is strictly prohibited for the safety of the actors. If you exit the theater during the performance, you will not be allowed back until intermission." for Middle and High School Theatre strands.

3. Momma Mia - Show Poster Graphic (Live) - Students you are to design a 27 x 40in composition in After Effects, that includes the following:

* Planning Sheet must be signed

Miami Arts Studio
High School Theatre Department

Mamma Mia

Date: April 27-28
Time: 7:00 PM
Location Main Stage

Main graphics must have multiple moving adjustment layers. Use Momma Mia font or one that is close it. Substitutions are allowed.
Add characters with silouhetted faces to be eventually replaced by the lead actors.
Keep all movements subtle and no over the top animations that make little sense to a Broadway play.

Samples are on the G Drive.

Time Dependent
4. APP interface icon build for Shake a Leg will begin when time permits. This is going to happen.


1. Lesson 04 up to page 106.
2. Continue all AE projects.