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Adobe Premiere Icon/Component Test

Adobe Premiere Icon/Component Test

Aesthetic Enhancement Replacement for 9-12 (High School)

  1. FIND COMAPNIES THAT INTEREST YOU - depending on your grade level, you may not be able to apply for any or all scholarship(s) in your chosen field. You will then need to chose grants, competitions with monetary prizes, awards, or other potential offerings that will help with schooling or training.
  2. PICK A FIELD OF STUDY TO BASE YOUR RESEARCH ON - cut down to just a few areas of interest and begin researching the companies for internships, competitions with prizes (hopefully the green kind), grants, or possible internships, which may lead to employment upon graduation. 
  3. APPLY, APPLY, APPLY - in this competitive world, the more your work and talent circulates, the better your chance for success actually is. The internet grows exponentially and there are many ways to obtain funding, or possible bartering when it comes to schools, and businesses offering cash or tuition reduction. It all depends on how deep you search and where you are looking. Pick demographics that work in your favor.
  4. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR RECORDS AND BE PREPARED - if you doubt your skills and can not show the potential person or institution what you can do, then you have not thought this through. Go Back to 1.

*You may add any needed blocks and information based on your future school/certification requirements or if we decide to add a block as a class.

On the opening page you will need the following:
1. Headshot
2. Introduction of the "Real You"
3. Gallery and Links
4. Student Information
5. Why are you a valueable asset?

Please fill include the following pages seperately in this section:

1. Adobe Photoshop
2. Adobe Illustrator
3. Adobe Premiere
4. Adobe Animate
5. Adobe After Effects
6. Mobirise
7. 123D
8. Create another heading about a subject that only you have the talent to show the world.
9. Create another another heading of another subject that only you have the talent to show the world.

Please include the following in this section:

1. Resume
2. Certications with Images
3. Community Service with Verification
4. College / University with a Sub-menu for Grants and Scholarships
5. Client(s)

Please include the following in this section:

1. Letter of Recommendation(s)
Teacher / Administration / Counselor
*no cookie cutter forms