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10-11th Grade Classwork and Homework Assignments

Please review the schedule of programming in order to complete our assignments on time.

Classwork and Projects 
1. Create, draw and color your original idea of the tech./medical logo for West Kendall Baptist Hospital that you previously created. Thursday is our presentation meeting to give the group and administrators and chance to review the ideas. No clipart is allowed. Fonts should be drawn and/or expanded to work with content drawn. (1920p x 1080p) unless another size is needed. Must be high quality.
2. In the Project 11 folder, there is a google worksheet that is available if you are interested in joining in on the Thursday meeting. Please allow them to sign-up if interested. (3 students will be chosen)
3. Review the Project 12 folder for Universal Studios – Dave School. Each student is to review the website URL in the folder and come up with two questions to ask the professors at the school when the web conference takes place. The students can add to the google document within this folder. This is what drives our trip to Orlando.
4. InDesign certiport notes review begins on Tuesday. Vocabulary and situational usage review will continue through Thursday. Start reviewing.
5. InDesign test on vocabulary will be by end of the week.(Start studying) Links are live.
6. Project 13 - Character and Paragraph styles will begin on Wednesday. Example will be uploaded both for MLA and APA style of formatting. Get ready!!

Time Dependent
7. After the site visit, the outlay of the project will be discussed by the Mr. Pate and the job to build this first concept to finish begins.
8. APP Interface Icon Build (Explained in Class) - We will start this before the Christmas break.


1. Revise and complete West Kendall graphic design sample with titling. (Finish)
2. Add questions to the Google document for Thursdays Innovative Tech. meeting and the Dave Schools web conference.
3. Notes review.
4. Project 12 will be due by Friday. 2 formats of the same document. This will be explained on Tuesday/Wednesday.