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10-11th Grade Classwork and Homework Assignments

Please review the schedule of programming in order to complete our assignments on time.

Classwork and Projects 
1.Gmetrix review for trainings 1 and 2.
2. 7 x 5 Advertisement for a company. These would be in the form of a coupon handout to bring in customers. You will be using the content collector to assemble all of the parts to be used throughout.
3. 8.5 x 11 Flyer can be posted both online and handed out. This could be a full bleed version with 1 inch margins that prevent the text from being cut upon prinitng.This would be strictly for advertising.
4. Business card will also be created using original graphics and you will be the owner hypothetically.
5. 11 x 8.5 Bi-fold Brochure will be last due to the complexity. This will be discussed in class.
6. Text controls will be gone over once again and visually quizzed on by the end of the week.
7. Mastering pages and settings of the document properties within Indesign will be reviewed using the remaining items in the build.
8. Online portfolios must be continued to be updated.
9. Steam cover competition starts this week. Resubmit last years updated.


1. Continue website development.
2. Continue Project 2 development.
3. Study new tools and interface notes. Quiz 2 on text tools and control panel this week.
4. Gmetrix continues for InDesign this week.