How to book the Studio...

Welcome Potential Guest Artist,

Due to the high demand for studio time, we have a brief audition process for you to complete. Please keep in mind the following rules when completing your application and video:

•  On the day of recording, students requiring a background track must bring either the audio tracks and/or any protools file     to the session on a USB or hard drive.

•  No explicit lyrics will be allowed; must be school appropriate.

•  Studio managers will be supervising your session; they are to be respected as they enforce studio rules at all times. If at     any time the studio manager feels the need to stop a session, they reserve the right to do so.

•  No food or drinks are allowed in the recording studio.

•  No smoking is allowed on school property.

•  Must bring a photocopy of a picture ID.


1. Please complete the following form found below.

2. Please include a YouTube link in the form below. Make sure that this link is public or unlisted; private videos are not     viewable. If you cannot send a YouTube link, please attach and send a 30-second to 1-minute video of your proposed     project to     

3. If you need any assistance with uploading video to youtube, please use the following link.

If you have any questions, please email