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Placed 3rd in the "On-the-Spot Commentary Contest" at the district competition.
The students involved were: 1. Osvaldo Concepcion 2. Nicholas Arango 3. Rebecca Lalama 4. Yaimary Perez

Below is the updated list of awards won by our Broadcasting students this 2017-2018 academic season. MAS News - Middle School Edition

• 1 All-Florida Award & Best of the Best Award Winner Middle School Package: "Venezuela Collection & Perspective" by Andrea
  Fonseca, Gabriella Gonzalez, & Sophia Porraspita (8th Grade)
• 1st Place On-the-Spot Individual News Anchor at FSPA State Convention & Competition 2018
• Gabriella Gonzalez (8th Grade) **Beat out all high school students
• 2 Awards of Excellence at FSPA State Convention & Competition 2018
• On-the-Spot News Package: Krista Escalona, Kathleen Gomez, & Gabriella Gonzalez
• On-the-Spot Individual News - Middle School: Gabriella Gonzalez
• 4 Awards of Excellence at FSPA Spring 2018 Digital Contest
• Commercial: “Pandora Commercial” by Kristine Arza, Christy Lazo, Lucia Hoeddebeche, & Ana Pagan **Competed against high
• Public Service Announcement: “Paying the Consequences” by Alex Bello, Brian Alvarez, Manuel Fraga, & Julian Fernandez (7th
  Grade) **Competed against high school
• Public Service Announcement: “It Can Wait” by Jessica Consuegra, Abigail Delgado, Emily Estevez, & Lia Perez (7th Grade) **Competed against high school
• Special Effects Photo: “The universe in the palm of my hands” by Bryan Ferreiro (6th Grade) **Competed against high school
• 6 Honorable Mentions at FSPA Spring 2018 Digital Contest

• Personality Portrait: “Riding in the Fast Lane” by Daniella Lopez (8th Grade) **Competed against high school
• Broadcast Commentary/Review: “Coco Movie Review” by Gabriella Gonzalez, Sophia Porraspita, & Bridgette Avila **Competed
  against high school
• Middle School Package: “Neal Shusterman Visit” by Andrea Fonseca, Gabriella De Armas, Krystal Fajardo, & Kathleen Gomez (8th
• Middle School Package: “Magnet Auditions” by Sofia Brito, Alejandra Freyre, Daniella, & Andrea Fonseca (8th Grade)
• Public Service Announcement: “Text Yourself” by Chloe Berrouet, Briana Barja, Brianna Sanchez, & Natalie Torres (7th Grade) **Competed against high school
• Public Service Announcement: “Watch Out” by Adriana Diaz, Stella Reyes, Gabriela Sanchez, & Isabella Obijo (7th Grade) **Competed against high school

MAS News - High School Edition

• 1 Best of the Best Award Winner • Special Effects Photo: “Cyborg” by Delaila Garcia (12th grade)
• 2nd Place On-the-Spot Broadcast at FSPA State Convention & Competition 2018
• Elizabeth Aleman, Samantha Horta, & Mia Rodriguez (10th grade)
• Honorable Mention On-the-Spot Broadcast Man on the Street at FSPA State Convention & Competition 2018
• Rebecca Lalama, Nicholas Arango, Adrian Saavedra, and Natalie Perez (10th-12th grades)
• 2 All-Florida Awards & Best of the Best Finalists
• Feature Package: “The Golden Age of Hollywood” by Nicholas Arango, Osvaldo Concepcion, & Kevin Gil (12 & 11th grade)
• Special Effects Photo: “Cyborg” by Delaila Garcia (12th grade)
• 5 Awards of Excellence at FSPA Spring 2018 Digital Contest
• Videography Demo Reel: “Video Reel” by Rodrigo Perez (11th grade)
• Personality Portrait: “City Living” by Matthew Albear (11th grade)
• Feature Photography: “Students of MAS” by Jacqueline Cardentey (11th grade)
• Feature Package: “Hidden Miami” by Julian Sandoval, Rodrigo Perez, Jose Pages, Brian Olmo, & Toky Lambo (9th grade)
• Infographic: “TWDC” by Delaila Garcia (12th grade)
• 8 Honorable Mentions at FSPA Spring 2018 Digital Contest
• Review: “Doral City Place” by Brian Olmo (9th grade)
• Quick Turn In – Cooking Video: “MAS in the Kitchen” by Rebecca Lalama & Natalie Perez (10thgrade)
• Broadcast Profile: “Miami Arts Studio Senior Spotlight” by Christopher Carmona, Adrian Saavedra, & Osvaldo Concepcion (11th  
• Broadcast Profile: “Mr. Meador: An Inspirational Teacher” by Rodrigo Perez, Jose Pages, Carlos Zagales, Brian Olmo, & Julian
  Sandoval (9th grade)
• Animated Short: “Relative Space” by Theodore Rivero (12th grade)
• Personality Portrait: “Filmmaker” by Javier Concepcion (9th grade)
• Spot News Photo: “Milton Foundation Supports MAS’s vocal program” by Jacqueline Cardentey (11th grade)
• Nature Photo: “Nature Photo” by Durand Deeb (11th grade)
• 3rd Place On-the-Spot News Package at FSPA 2017 District 6 Journalism Day
• MAS News Staff



Costume Design- AWARD- Superior- Critic’s Choice- Jaritsel Peralta
Costume design- AWARD- Superior- Sofia Castaneda
Costume Design- AWARD- Superior-Naiya Barsallo
Costume Design- AWARD- Excellent- Maleeha Naseer
Costume Design- AWARD- Excellent- Emilia Fabricio
Costume Construction- AWARD- Superior- Critic’s choice- Elizabth Marsh
Production Team- AWARD- Superior
Production Team- AWARD- Superior
Scenic Design AWARD- Superior- Critic’s choice- Nicholas Quintana
Scenic Design AWARD- Superior-Lisandra Alonso
Publicity Design- AWARD- Superior- helen Montesdeoca
Publicity Design- AWARD- Superior- Naiya Barsallo
Publicity Design- AWARD- Superior- Arturo Pico
Makeup Design AWARD- Superior- Critic’s choice- Kaylee Raya
Makeup Design AWARD- Superior- Jaritsel Peralta
Makeup Design AWARD- Superior- Nahomi Munoz


Jr. Thespian Festival – November 4, 2017 – Ronald Reagan HS

22 – Superiors
1 Excellence
7 Critics’ Choice
• Best Monologue
• Best Solo Musical
• Best Duet Acting
• Best Ensemble Acting
• Best Costume Design
• Best Make-up Design
• Best Large Group Musical

Fl Jr. Thespian State Festival – Orlando, FL February 1-4, 2018

MAS Troupe #88976 – chosen to represent District 4 (Dade County) at the Opening Ceremony – Aydan Lopez, Costume Design,Technical Category, and for Large Group Musical for Performance Category.

11 Superiors
1 Excellent
2 Honorable Mentions – Gaby Diaz for Monologue Category, and Keelan Machado and Gaby Nuñez for Duet Acting.
4 Critics Choice
1. Costume Design – Aydan Lopez
2. Haley Garcia – Costume Design
3. Large Group Musical
4. Ensemble Acting

MAS Troupe #88976 – Selected as Best in Show for Technical (Aydan Lopez and for Performance (Large Group Musical)– State Champions representing State of Florida at Fl Thespians Festival in Tampa in March

1. Musical Theatre - Large Group AWARD - Superior
2. Acting - Monologue AWARD - Superior
3. Musical Theatre - Duet AWARD - Superior
4. Acting - Duet Scenes AWARD - Superior
5. Musical Theatre - Solo AWARD -Superior
6. Tech – Playwriting AWARD - Excellent
7. Musical Theatre - Duet AWARD -Superior
8. Musical Theatre - Small Group AWARD - Superior
9. Acting - Group Scenes - AWARD – Superior – CRITICS CHOICE
10. Student Choreography - AWARD – Superior – CRITICS CHOICE
11. Musical Theatre - Solo AWARD -Superior
12. Acting - Duet Scenes 0AWARD - Superior
13. Musical Theatre - Small Group AWARD - Superior
14. Acting - Monologue AWARD – Superior, CRITICS CHOICE
15. Acting - Mime AWARD – Superior – CRITICS CHOICE
16. Acting - Group Scenes AWARD - Superior
17. Acting - Duet Scenes AWARD - Excellent
18. Musical Theatre - Solo AWARD -Superior
19. Musical Theatre - Large Group AWARD – Superior



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